New Year's Resolutions | Life Goals

Time goes by so fast when you're having a busy, crazy year. Can't believe it's almost 2016! When the end of a year comes by, most us take a look back on what we've done and what we wan't to change. With a fresh new start, it's the perfect time to say "New Year, new me!" but often our goals begin get lost when all the excitement goes away and we fall back into routine. However, the only person that will keep you on track, is you! Find ways to motivate yourself, log everything you do in a journal, blog about it or even tell a friend. You don't even have to start out giving it all you got, advance and progress towards your goal throughout the year.

Here are my main New Year's Resolutions for the upcoming year that I want to make habit. I believe these will make me a happier person, in tune with my mind and body, and boost productivity.

I'll touch base with each goal and report on my progress!
What are some New Year's resolutions you hope to keep?

Tip 30 | 3 things that made me happy this past week.

It's been a while so I'm going to change this to 3 things that made me happy this week.

1. I won Associate of the Month at work! I was recognized for my efficiency, creativity, and quality of work I put out. It's an amazing feeling to finally be rewarded for something I love doing. The prizes are awesome too, a reserved parking spot in the manager's lot, $100, and picture in our cafeteria for a whole year!

2. I finalized the Autumn/Winter Archaic Press issue last night! There were a lot of bumps int he road for this season, but we got it done! Cheers to another issue in the stands, hopefully we can create even better work next time. 

3. is creating an online magazine, and I got hired to be one of the designers! It's an honor to design for a site that has helped me so much. Can't wait to tell Vinted's story in a creative visual way!

The Most Important Meal of the Day | Life Goals

Life Goals: Habit 2
Try to eat a balanced breakfast every day.

Starting in college and then continuing on after graduation, it was really hard finding time to eat breakfast every morning. I never woke up early enough to whip something up before class. I was always rushing or busy, which is fine, but then you forget to actually take care of yourself. After years of skipping breakfast, I finally realize the negative cost.

1.       At my full time job, we are provided free lunch in our cafeteria. The food we get isn’t crappy at all, it’s actually very well balanced and close to gourmet. (I work at a luxury resort). Problem is, we serve our selves and it’s BUFFET style. It’s hard to control your servings, especially during orange chicken day, or Star Wars Themed Thursday. With unlimited food, I felt so full after every lunch, even if I didn’t eat that much. Apparently by skipping breakfast, you train your stomach to be small, your stomach’s capacity shrinks since you aren’t feeding it in the morning.
2.       When you fall into this cycle of not preparing something in the morning, you get so lazy! It is habit forming and sometimes it affects how you go on with your day. It’s rare that I wake up feeling hungry, so my mentality was that I could wait until lunch to eat.
3.       Your metabolism slows down. I’ve noticed a slight gain in lower tummy fat which is the hardest area to get rid of!


A week ago I started eating breakfast every morning, and it’s like stepping into a new world! I wake up a little bit earlier to make or pick something up. I realized breakfast food is one of the most delicious meals of the day (waffles, bacon, eggs, cheese, vanilla yogurt??). I actually went grocery shopping for myself too. I get to kick start my metabolism and I’m not feeling full after lunch anymore. Breakfast is such an important and easy part of our days, it’s a bummer that most of us don’t have time for it.

Wake up earlier, and prepare to start your day right. It’s the little things that can make our day a little bit better!

Do it for the Steps | Life Goals

Life Goals: Habit 1
Actually reach my goal of 10,000 steps each and every day.

Earlier this year my boyfriend bought me a Fitbit Charge HR hoping that it would push us to do more cardio. When we first got it, we activated the work week challenge, basically whoever got the most steps within the work week got ultimate bragging rights. For the past few months we’ve been forgetting to challenge each other and lately I haven’t been reaching my 10k step goal. Most days I’m too lazy to do anything active and just go straight to work on my personal projects.

It kinda sucks having a desk job and realize you only have about 3k steps by the end of the work day. Sometimes you don’t even have time to go work out or run after a long day. Now I’m challenging myself to make use of my Fitbit and start trying to reach my goal.

  •          Walk my dog every day. If my mom takes him out, I’ll just ask to join on the walk or go running around the neighborhood instead. My route consists of a pretty steep hill which is great for endurance!
  •         Avoid all elevators and escalators and take the stairs instead
  •           If I’m not in a hurry, park in the back of the parking lot.

On the Fitbit, when you reach your goal, the band basically celebrates with you by slightly vibrating and flashing your goal number on the screen. It’s such a satisfying feeling to accomplish your step goal, plus you’re burning extra calories as well. It’s the little steps (literally) you can take every day to move towards a healthier and happier life.  



Everyone’s ultimate goal is to be happy, healthy, and successful. We need to discover what is preventing us from getting there. Instead of waiting for the New Year to start again, why not start creating good habits now? That’s been crossing my mind lately the past month. I’ve been thinking about it what I can do to change my life positively rather than just sit around hoping for something to happen. While Pinterest boards and scrolling through our Instagram feed are great motivators, we all know the hardest part is actually getting there. Whether it be an organized desk space, living healthy, being productive, just living life in general, your habits can be life-changing, they can go either way. Take some time to list out your bad habits, and figure out a plan on how you can change them for the better. 

With a full time job plus a few things I'm doing on the side, it's hard to find time to just stop and find solutions for things in my life that I need to improve. Instead of just thoughts, I’m going to start blogging about the little things that’ll personally help me progress my life. Hope you can join in on my journey as well!