New Year's Resolutions | Life Goals

Time goes by so fast when you're having a busy, crazy year. Can't believe it's almost 2016! When the end of a year comes by, most us take a look back on what we've done and what we wan't to change. With a fresh new start, it's the perfect time to say "New Year, new me!" but often our goals begin get lost when all the excitement goes away and we fall back into routine. However, the only person that will keep you on track, is you! Find ways to motivate yourself, log everything you do in a journal, blog about it or even tell a friend. You don't even have to start out giving it all you got, advance and progress towards your goal throughout the year.

Here are my main New Year's Resolutions for the upcoming year that I want to make habit. I believe these will make me a happier person, in tune with my mind and body, and boost productivity.

I'll touch base with each goal and report on my progress!
What are some New Year's resolutions you hope to keep?