Love Letters #419

"28 months of my life and I feel just as elated as the first day that we met. You have been such a powerful influence and driving force in my life, I could have never made it here without you. You have been integral to my success, a vital part of my perseverance, and simply the muse to all of my inspiration. Before you, I have tried to separate myself from romance. Tried to be this self-made individual that does not need anyone else to be successful. The truth of it all is, that I was wrong. I could have never made it through all of the hardship if it were not for you. You have inspired me to be more than I thought I could ever be. You have taken my hand when I felt like nothing. You have held me when I was scared, telling me that everything would be okay. Most of all, you’re patient. More patient than I could ever be. We are similar in a lot of ways but contrasting but complementary elements in others. I would not have asked for it any other way. We fit perfectly like a unique puzzle. One of a kind, but a perfect fit for each other. You’ve helped me grow into a better person, and I hope that that’s the person you want to be with forever. I love you, and I love how far we’ve come. It feels like the very first day, and I’m excited for the future we have ahead of us. I love you, Archel Arindaeng."

Tip 30 | 3 things that made me happy this past week.

It's been a while so I'm going to change this to 3 things that made me happy this week.

1. I won Associate of the Month at work! I was recognized for my efficiency, creativity, and quality of work I put out. It's an amazing feeling to finally be rewarded for something I love doing. The prizes are awesome too, a reserved parking spot in the manager's lot, $100, and picture in our cafeteria for a whole year!

2. I finalized the Autumn/Winter Archaic Press issue last night! There were a lot of bumps int he road for this season, but we got it done! Cheers to another issue in the stands, hopefully we can create even better work next time. 

3. is creating an online magazine, and I got hired to be one of the designers! It's an honor to design for a site that has helped me so much. Can't wait to tell Vinted's story in a creative visual way!


Everyone’s ultimate goal is to be happy, healthy, and successful. We need to discover what is preventing us from getting there. Instead of waiting for the New Year to start again, why not start creating good habits now? That’s been crossing my mind lately the past month. I’ve been thinking about it what I can do to change my life positively rather than just sit around hoping for something to happen. While Pinterest boards and scrolling through our Instagram feed are great motivators, we all know the hardest part is actually getting there. Whether it be an organized desk space, living healthy, being productive, just living life in general, your habits can be life-changing, they can go either way. Take some time to list out your bad habits, and figure out a plan on how you can change them for the better. 

With a full time job plus a few things I'm doing on the side, it's hard to find time to just stop and find solutions for things in my life that I need to improve. Instead of just thoughts, I’m going to start blogging about the little things that’ll personally help me progress my life. Hope you can join in on my journey as well!

Tip 30 / 3 Things That Made Me Happy Today

A few years back I was designing an ebook that talked about positivity, loving yourself and the body your in. I always try to take value from all the work I do, and while I was working on this project, I began to notice the way people were if they didn’t live a lifestyle similar to these tips. There’s this one piece of advice that stuck while I spent a whole month designing, editing, basically staring at the same pages for a whole month, and I want to try it out.

Tip 30: At bedtime, write about 3 things about your day that made you happy. Feel the appreciation of these things and watch your list grow daily.

This is my first #tip30 post on my blog, after taking along hiatus from listing. Even if I come home tired or stressed out, I want to make the effort to post every night. It's always nice to reflect on the little things that made me happy.

1. One of my coworkers is finally moving out of her parents house. She’s been searching for the right apartment, and today she closed the deal on a property really close the beach. The price was a steal! Seeing her just be all happy and carry on her happiness throughout the day made me happy… and also motivated to work my butt off in order to move out.

2. My boss came back from a meeting and gave me a churro and this super yummy apple pie pastry. You know when you taste something so good that you say “mmmm” outloud even if no one’s there? That’s how amazing those pastries were.

3. Destination got a new hotel added to its portfolio. It’s in San Francisco, and i’m so glad we have a property there now! Can’t wait to use that associate rate.