Tip 30 / 3 Things That Made Me Happy Today

A few years back I was designing an ebook that talked about positivity, loving yourself and the body your in. I always try to take value from all the work I do, and while I was working on this project, I began to notice the way people were if they didn’t live a lifestyle similar to these tips. There’s this one piece of advice that stuck while I spent a whole month designing, editing, basically staring at the same pages for a whole month, and I want to try it out.

Tip 30: At bedtime, write about 3 things about your day that made you happy. Feel the appreciation of these things and watch your list grow daily.

This is my first #tip30 post on my blog, after taking along hiatus from listing. Even if I come home tired or stressed out, I want to make the effort to post every night. It's always nice to reflect on the little things that made me happy.

1. One of my coworkers is finally moving out of her parents house. She’s been searching for the right apartment, and today she closed the deal on a property really close the beach. The price was a steal! Seeing her just be all happy and carry on her happiness throughout the day made me happy… and also motivated to work my butt off in order to move out.

2. My boss came back from a meeting and gave me a churro and this super yummy apple pie pastry. You know when you taste something so good that you say “mmmm” outloud even if no one’s there? That’s how amazing those pastries were.

3. Destination got a new hotel added to its portfolio. It’s in San Francisco, and i’m so glad we have a property there now! Can’t wait to use that associate rate.