Do it for the Steps | Life Goals

Life Goals: Habit 1
Actually reach my goal of 10,000 steps each and every day.

Earlier this year my boyfriend bought me a Fitbit Charge HR hoping that it would push us to do more cardio. When we first got it, we activated the work week challenge, basically whoever got the most steps within the work week got ultimate bragging rights. For the past few months we’ve been forgetting to challenge each other and lately I haven’t been reaching my 10k step goal. Most days I’m too lazy to do anything active and just go straight to work on my personal projects.

It kinda sucks having a desk job and realize you only have about 3k steps by the end of the work day. Sometimes you don’t even have time to go work out or run after a long day. Now I’m challenging myself to make use of my Fitbit and start trying to reach my goal.

  •          Walk my dog every day. If my mom takes him out, I’ll just ask to join on the walk or go running around the neighborhood instead. My route consists of a pretty steep hill which is great for endurance!
  •         Avoid all elevators and escalators and take the stairs instead
  •           If I’m not in a hurry, park in the back of the parking lot.

On the Fitbit, when you reach your goal, the band basically celebrates with you by slightly vibrating and flashing your goal number on the screen. It’s such a satisfying feeling to accomplish your step goal, plus you’re burning extra calories as well. It’s the little steps (literally) you can take every day to move towards a healthier and happier life.