Waking Up Earlier // Life Goals

I am not a morning person. My struggle is getting up early, I tend to hit the snooze button for a whole hour, and then rapidly get up once I’m late. It’s such a bad habit that I want to get rid of. I keep thinking of all the stuff I can do if I wake up just an hour earlier than I usually do. I have a late start compared to most of the working class. I work 15 minutes away and I start at around 9am, plus they’re flexible.

Things I’ve tried: changing alarms to songs instead of default sounds, opening blinds at night so sunlight wakes me up, drinking a glass of water right when I hear that first alarm. These did not work for me. I might try chugging a half glass of water again.

Things I want to try, but dread: Putting my phone across the room. I have a feeling I’ll just ignore it and fall asleep. Also I want to stop using my phone before bed, the screen light is messing with my eyes, and in the morning they feel irritated.

Maybe writing out all the things I can do in the morning before I have to leave for work might motivate me? I can make some time to go to the gym, or make some breakfast, answer some emails and messages, or take some blog photos while I have some morning light. How nice would it be to have an extra hour to get stuff done during our busy day.

Of course I need to sleep earlier so I get enough hours of sleep. Any tips on how to break this habit?