Life is Brewtiful ♡ // OC Beer and Music Festival


Cheers to good music an amazing pours! This weekend I attended Orange County Beer and Music Festival, hosted by Rockstar Beer. It was a half outdoor and half indoor event at the National City Grove of Anaheim. There are two ticket tiers, GA and VIP. Thank you to Rockstar Beer for sending us some VIP tickets which got us in an hour early before GA. We got a ride to the event, which is a smart thing to do if you plan on taking advantage of the unlimited samples. Entry was quick and efficient! Once you get past security, they give you a small cup for your beer samples.

My favorites of the night were The Honey and Pineapple Cider from ACE and The Great Pumpkin from Elysian Brewery! I went back to grab some more, but they ran out by the end of the night. I actually went to Total Wine and More and bought some bottles the next day. 

There were a lot of popular local breweries pouring their top drafts, with a wide variety too. I saw IPAs, stouts, ales, everything along the beer spectrum. There were over 100 different types of beers to taste, so if you’re not quite a beer expert yet, this is the perfect place to learn. Once you’ve tried them all, rule out your favorite and keep coming back for more!  For those champs that know their beer, they also had high alcohol content kombucha and some sprit samples. Don’t forget to eat too, they had a few food trucks and a booth that sold pretzel necklaces and water bottles.

Do you remember that band from our childhood that sings “My Own Worst Enemy”? They were headlining the event! Lit was a huge surprise because I didn’t know they were still around, but they’re still rocking  out and creating new music. They had multiple bands playing throughout the night and the concert hall had easy in and out access. It wasn’t a problem if you wanted to head outside to grab a beer sample, and them come back in when you were done.

Overall, it was an amazing event. When you combine craft beer and incredible music, you’re definitely going to have a great time! Music and free unlimited samples are included in the ticket price so it’s definitely worth it. Be sure to check out Rockstar Beer’s website to see if they have any festivals coming to your hometown!