DIY Paper Hang Tags

This simple DIY can turn any project into something more memorable and fun. You can add these on packaging as a little thank you note, use them for labeling and organizing, or attach them to gifts! It’s super simple to make and in no time you’ll have some cute little hang tags.

I mostly use them to add a final touch on my packaging. After I wrap up the item with tissue paper  and tie it with twine, I knot the hang tag in the middle front, where the bow is. On the back of the  I write a huge thanks and add my name. I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on how I package my orders, and I believe it’s because I add a personal touch.

Materials Needed
  • Craft Paper Pad - My directions follow 6"x6" pads. I found mine at Marshalls but you can get them from any craft store
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher
  • Pencil
  • Twine - Target has super cute twine!

Follow these steps for your own paper hang tags:

  1. Carefully tear out a single page from your paper pad. Place paper sheet in front of you with white side up.
  2. With your ruler make tick marks every 1.5 inches across the bottom and top of the paper

  3. On the sides of the paper made a tick mark halfway at 3 inches
  4. Connect all the lines, you should have 8 boxes on your sheet of paper
  5. Cut along the lines, now you should have 8 little rectangles
  6. Next, you need to cut off the top two edges from each piece. Hold the tag vertically so that the long side is straight up. you want to cut off the corners but you need to leave a flat part at the top. If you cut your corners to tightly and your end in narrow, simply cut of the top to shorten the end part.

  7. In the space between the corners, punch a single hole for your string or twine to go through
  8. Measure and cut out 8 pieces of 5” of twine or whatever string you have, and string through each hole

All done!

Here are some tags that I've made for my Vinted packaging