Thrifting Tips

You’ve watched tons of haul videos, you’ve seen amazing haul photos, now you want to actually try thrifting yourself! If you read yelp reviews on your local thrift shops, you might psych yourself out. Some people absolutely hate thrift shopping, but you’ll learn to love it. When you first walk into a thrift shop, it may be overwhelming. The racks seem endless and there may even be piles of clothing and accessories everywhere, but there are so many treasures to be found! All you need is patience. Here are a few thrift shopping tips that helped me score some great finds!

You’ll want to find out where the closest thrift stores are, and if you plan to spend a whole day shopping you can map out all the places you want to go. Be sure to pack a light purse, your shoulder will thank you later. Or just wear pants with a pocket to carry your essentials (cash, headphones, phone, id, keys). Keep an insulated water bottle or a frozen bottle of water in your car so you can stay hydrated before and after your shopping trip. Set aside your shopping budget in cash. Most thrift stores only accept cash, and it will keep you from overspending. Wear loose clothing, so it’s easy to try on clothes, and comfy shoes, so your feet don’t hurt.

The Store
Some trips you’ll find some treasures, some trips you’ll turn up with nothing. That’s the gamble of thrift stores, but also the beauty of it. Stock comes and goes, but next week there will be even more unique items to sift through. While you’re at the store, listen to your own music and shop away! I like sifting through EVERYTHING! This means you have to be patient, you never know what’s in between those grandma blazers and vintage Hawaiian shirts!

The quality of items may depend on location also, so experiment by visiting all the local shop and see where you find items that match your style. When you find something you like, make sure you check all sides to see if there’s any stains, holes, rips, and tears. Or if you’re a pro at sewing, find items that can be an easy fit or that you can repurpose. Always try everything on! Even if it’s cute on the hanger, it might not fit right when you put it on.

If you want to score even better deals, call the store before you shop and ask about their sale calendar. I usually shop at this store that rotates their discount specials by tag color. Other than that, if the quality is excellent, thrifting will always get you a good price!

I’ve thrifted so many unique items for my wardrobe, and saved so much money by shopping smart. Once you start thrifting it’ll be hard to go back to full priced retail. Get ready to have a new hobby. Let me know if you have tips that can make the thrift experience even better, or share your hauls, I’d love to see!