Black Widow Balm / Review

If I were only allowed to have one beauty product, I would pick my chapstick or lip balm, hands down. If you look into most of my bags, there will always be a tube of lip balm. It has become an essential product for me just because my lips get super dry all the time, not only during the winter. Sometimes, I even put it on before I sleep. I have extra tubes just in case, because they’re such an easy item to lose. The best feeling is when you actually finish the product before it disappears into the deep abyss of who-knows-where. About a year ago, I came across Black Widow Balm, a unique lip balm company that creates handmade products for designed bold people, and blogged about some products. Fast forward to just last month, I was given another sponsorship opportunity from the lovely Shareta, owner of BWB. Since last year, she has exceeded 800 sales, was a main page Esty Shop, and featured in Dottie Box. Black Widow Balm’s product line has expanded, and now sells new shades and treatments. After browsing through Shareta’s new listings, I was excited when she let me try out her new sample packs. I wouldn’t even call them sample packs, because the size of the products are the size of normal chapsticks! It’s such a good deal, you get to try three amazing products for only $6.
Mystic 3 Sample Pack - Reformer, Voodoo, and Refiner ( + )

Refiner is a black sugar crystal scrub that you rub on your lips to exfoliate the dead skin. As a result, your lips are smooth and ready for Reformer. 

After I scrub my lips with Refiner, I immediately put on Reformer. This lip primer, seals in moisture using beeswax and coconut oil. After that, my lips are ready for color. Voodoo is my favorite shade - it has a dark rose color and smells like cinnamon. It has the perfect amount of tint for a lip balm, and I always keep this one on me. 

Outsiders Sample Pack - Frida, Spell, and Iron Maiden ( + )

Here are the swatches of each product:
If you need a boost of color instead of your normal Classic Chapstick, give Black Widow Balm a try. The colored balms go on so smoothly and keep your lips moisturized. Personally, I’d take Black Widow Balm over lipstick just because not only provides color, but because of how it smoothly it applies. Give your lips a treat with one of these products, and you’ll immediately feel the difference. Free swatches are now shipped with every order 
If you want to read my first Black Widow Balm review, check it out here.
Also BWB is having a Too Ghoul for Skull Giveaway! You can win some balms and a whole lot of school supplies. Everyday essentials to get you through the school year. Enter here, it’s super easy!
Love & Lip Balm,

fjoll // review

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be writing about a store called fjoll. The owner, Jordan is super cool; he even bought something from my store. I owe him with this review. So he sent me two cases for my Samsung Galaxy S3, four decals, and two pairs of earrings! Everything except for the cases will be part of a giveaway, which everyone will be able to enter. Fjoll has many different types of decals for many types of surfaces. Laptops, car windows, phones, notebooks, basically you can make anything plain look amazing. Empty wall? They have life size ones.

They even have gorgeous geometric cutout earrings! I was bummed out cause I have plugs, but Jordan sent me two pairs to giveaway. 

Even better, one of the pairs he gave me was worn by Naya Rivera on the cover of Latina! She wore the black geometric cutout ones, and their stunning in person and also on her. 

So about the products I received //

I’m in love with theses cases! I got the Sugar Skull in turquoise and Jake the Dog cases for my Galaxy s3. Oh don’t worry if you got a different phone, fjoll makes cases for Iphones and other Galaxy models. The cases are crystal clear so you can see your phone behind it and the decals are placed on the inside so you don’t rub it off when you handle your phone all the time. The lines are sharp and perfect, if you aren’t that close they look like they were printed on the case.

Straight from the package they have protective films on them, just so they aren’t scratched during the shipping process.

The cases snap perfectly to your phone.

Here are the Black Diamond Spire and White Geometric earrings! They are handmade and designed by Jordan himself.  They are acrylic material and are laser cut. The box they come in is cut out too. These will be part of the giveaway!
But my FAVORITE part of fjoll is the entire Adventure Time section. They have laptop decals, wall decals, phone cases, even one for your coffee machine! They have a deal going on > 3 Adventure Time decals for $20
So if you like what you see and need to personalize anything you own, please go check fjoll out! They have amazing designs and they can do custom orders.
I will post up the giveaway soon!